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Further Manufacturing

In many cases, the end-use product for industrial fabric is easy to process. It is simple to put reinforced grommets at the corners and along the sides to form attachment points for rope, such type of traps is frequently seen for truck cover, lumber cover, temporary roof, machinery cover, cargo nets and covers, etc. Examples for ready made products that we have done for customers:

● Lumber cover by 610gsm fabric green color, size 1.5*6m, 1.5*10, 1.5*20m

● Vinyl cover for medical mattress by 8OZ fabric green color, size 190*99cm

● Privacy stripe fence 19cm or similar type of mini width for binding tape

● Safety net by Fire Retardant mesh, size 1.98*6m

Sourcing of services

Based on our resource and experience in the industry chain, we also offer sourcing services or recommendations for upstream and downstream commodities,machines and accessories for welding or sewing.

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Financial support

We may offer financial support for customers after analysis and selection.